Data-driven Future for the Industry

We provide our customers in the plastics extrusion industry with data-supported services to improve product quality, sustainability, and production processes.

More Value in Extrusion with iDOO


Our aim is to create transparency throughout the entire extrusion process. To achieve this, we connect the various data sources and carry out comprehensive analyses.

Individual dashboards and reports allow users to quickly gather the information they need.

Creating value

Your production data and parameters hold previously unused potential.

The iDOO services make this potential visible to optimize product quality, material usage, and production processes.

Optimizing processes

Based on the data and analyses, we identify optimization potentials in the production process.

The readings of individual sensors, manufacturing lines and entire factories can be analyzed individually.

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Our Product: The Industrial Data Manager

The Industrial Data Manager provides access to all product data and assists with quality assurance in extrusion, alongside other tasks. Live data, individual dashboards, reports and exports allow fast recording and processing of data insights.

We rely on open standards such as OPC-UA. Access is provided via a standard web browser and is optimized for mobile devices.


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iDOO Product Pass

Our Product Pass takes quality documentation to a new level. Production data is stored tamper-proof as a certified passport and can be retrieved using a unique ID.


Our iNOEX sales partners 

USA, Canada, Mexico

Adam M. Grier
President iNOEX LLC

T +1-717 672-0870

Miguel Izquierdo Blanco
Director Sales & Customer Relations iNOEX GmbH

T +49 5422-60507-82

Our network

iDOO is part of CiTEX Holding

Together with our sister companies iNOEX, iBA, 2pi-Labs and PIXARGUS, we bring together many years of expertise in extrusion with innovative digital solutions.

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The sensor technology and products of our sister company form the starting point for our work. The data generated there form the basis for our analyses. In addition, the iDOO services are distributed exclusively by iNOEX worldwide.

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Our strength

iDOO combines the CiTEX Group’s 40 years of experience in extrusion processes with digital analyses and innovative services. This combination allows us to optimize proven processes and continuously set new standards in the industry in order to develop groundbreaking solutions for our customers.

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Redefining Industry Standards