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At the center of our services is our product, the Industrial Data Manager. It allows us to link up your devices via OPC-UA and corresponding gateways. Our Consultant Service provides support with individual requirements and strategies for digital transformation. we enable the connection of your devices via OPC-UA and corresponding gateways. Our consultant service supports individual requirements and strategies for digital transformation. 

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Industrial Data Manager

Our Industrial Data Manager facilitate comprehensive analyses and evaluations to identify optimization potentials and evaluate product-specific indicators. Installed as a virtual machine in your network, no additional hardware is required. The standardized process data interface OPC-UA transfers data from state-of-the-art measuring, controlling and automation solutions. Benefit from preconfigured and customizable dashboards and reports for each connected system and create diagrams, visualizations and data evaluations with Grafana. Export your data as .csv or .xls and keep track of live data on the database server. Use the Industrial Data Manager as a production floor monitor that provides cross-location statistics such as overall equipment effectiveness and process line capability. Drive digitalization and unlock the value of your data with iDOO. Experience the future of the industry.

Access to all production data

Easy access via web browser

Optimized for all mobile devices

Support of quality assurance

iDM gateway for integration with almost all types of interfaces

Runs on almost any existing server hardware

Data backup in case of network or server failures (up to 1 week)

Intuitive user interface

Redefining Industry Standards