About iDOO

As a corporate start-up of the CiTEX Holding, we combine tried and tested inventiveness in the extrusion industry with digital platforms, data-driven services and agile approaches.


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Driving digitalization forward

We support our customers in the areas of digitalization and digital transformation. Our analyses and services allow our customers to optimize quality and material usage, among other things. With such a high degree of digitalization, our customers are very well equipped for new challenges posed by legal requirements, globalization and the war for talent.

Creating value from data

Data can be used to create value. We provide the fitting services: data collection from all devices, consolidation into information and identification of important insights.

Transparency in all processes

It is our goal to make the entire extrusion process transparent and to provide different user groups with the relevant insights—in a convenient way and in real time.

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Core Values

Knowledge at work

Knowledge is our strong suit. It is what we bring to the table in the areas of extrusion and digital services. But we also make sure that our partners develop new and innovative technologies and that they are familiar with every detail.

Digitalization and disruption

We love all things digital and keep up with the latest trends. Our many years of experience help us to assess customer benefits, security aspects and risks, and transform the latest innovations into valuable services.

Customer centricity

Our actions are geared toward customer needs. From the problems and first ideas for solutions all the way to the first implementations: we involve our customers as early on as possible.

Open standards

All our services operate using open standards and interfaces. This way they can be easily combined with existing devices and services.

Lean and agile

Our goal is to learn faster than the market and offer solutions for our customers more quickly. Using modern approaches such as the lean startup methodology and an agile mindset, we manage to implement what is needed quickly.

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Security, trust, and data sovereignty

We develop our services in accordance with the latest security standards. With us, customer data is always in good hands and our customers choose which data is processed and for what purpose.

Valuable insights and more value

Through data we create additional value. We design new methods of analysis and generate in-depth insights from the available data.

Peace of mind

Based on the findings, transparency and security, the process and products can be much better assessed in terms of quality, cost and information security.

idoo desktop platform

Who we are

Michael (left) has been working in the field of digitalization for over 25 years and has built up various online, digital and e-commerce divisions. 

Timo (right) understands the requirements of the extrusion industry down to the smallest detail. As Head of R&D at iNOEX he has played a key role in shaping recent innovations in the field of extrusion.

We both share a love of all things digital and disruptive.

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